Workout Ideas

Below are some workout ideas as well as some skills you can do at home with tight space to get ready for our season set to start September 21st.  If you haven’t been running or working out, start slow!  Start with long walks some days mixed with moderate 20-30 minute runs on opposite days.  Drink lots of water!!! Ensuring you have at least one day rest each week if starting out maybe go – workout 3 days, day off, work out two days, day off, repeat fiving 2 rest days for the week.

Summer 2020 Field Hockey K-12th Graders

Starting July 6th recreational field hockey is allowed to begin in New York State.  This is very exciting news and encouraging for our upcoming high school and junior field hockey season which normally starts mid-August.  Our hope is to have a fall season for both and as soon as we are given the green light you will be informed!

Due to the coronavirus we will NOT be hosting any field hockey through the month of July in 2020.   We will be in touch about restarting in the fall once approved, until then we will attempt to post local opportunities for the kids below.

  • Capitalland Field Hockey
  • ADK Field Hockey
    • They are still working on a schedule and finishing up their winter/spring leagues once approved, please see for more information.  Registration is still pending for summer 2020 but you can find contact information on their website for questions.



Alma Mater Challenge

We’re hoping all of you are staying healthy and positive!  To help keep you moving we’re starting the alma mater challenge.  While singing – or someone else singing – Columbia’s anthem (I know, you probably didn’t even realize we had one) create your own stick trick.  Example of stick tricks –  Our anthem is below, and since most of you probably didn’t even know we had one you can all make up your own rendition 👩‍🎤🎤🎶. 

Once you are finished either post it to our Facebook page or message us.  Alternatively you can email us your video to  Players can text their coaches their video.  This is open to any current player or former player of CHS Field Hockey, it’s always a great day to be a Blue Devil field hockey player!

Winner receives a USA Field Hockey t-shirt and gets to choose the first run of preseason!  (Within reason, we’ll talk)



“Pick-up” @ Goff is set to begin on Mondays in December 2nd 7-8pm @ the Goff gym and each Monday school is in session for the following dates:

12/2, 12/9, 12/16, 1/6, 1/3, 1/27, 2/3 and 2/10.

Outside playing opportunities –