IMPORTANT:  Everyone trying out for fall sports must register on family ID, once registered they must relogin and sign-up for the fall sport they are wishing to tryout for.  For more information, please visit for more information.

Our fall youth field hockey registration is open through Saturday September 4th online only, please do not mail in your registration. If you would like to bring it with you your first day, please email CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION!!!

Summer Open Turf Sessions Every Thursday 5:30pm-7pm until Preseason

Congratulations to two of our seniors who will be furthering their field hockey careers in college.  Co-captain Shauna Lanoue will be playing for the Sage Gators this fall while our goalie, Sophia Venable, will be playing for the Nichols College Bison.  We are so proud of them both of all of the hard-work and dedications they’ve put forth through the years.  Best of luck to Shauna and Sophia, and the rest of our seniors – Paige, Emily, Liz, SK, Emma, Ainsley, Maeve, Katie, Wendi, Ava, and Nezaria.


Congratulations to our JV and Varsity players on finishing a crazy, once in a lifetime season!  They battled through unknowns and many barriers, but did so with 0 complaints and 100% ambition – all for the love of the game!  Good job to all…

Our team store is now open 24/7 for the holidays with a holiday shipping deadline of 12/6.  If your looking for gifts, this could be the gift that keeps on giving.  10% of all proceeds go back to Columbia Field Hockey, please see our team store part of our website for more information.  You can also click here.

Off-season skill development and conditioning, click here or see “off-season” on the main menu.

To my athlete,
We all wear the same uniform, share a common goal and aim to succeed. What I also share with you as your coach, leader and mentor is a bond that has only grown stronger although our season has not been how we expected. Through all of the frustrations and exhilarations this year, there is one thing I want you to know:
I am proud of you.
Sometimes it may not seem that way when I critique your technique, follow through or drive in practice, or push you to sprint harder or even give you words of criticism following a game. Know that I see your potential and that as an athlete, I expect all I can get more out of you. But that coach mentality, is just one piece of who I am and how I see you.
Although it may not seem like it, I care about you, our team achievements and personal successes. I want to see you develop into a great player and even more a driven young adult. As the days, month and years seem to fly by, and maybe my demeanor toward you doesn’t change on-field, know that I am utterly grateful and proud of the journey you embarked on.
It’s not easy being ‘best friends’ with me, and it might not seem like we are even friends at all until your time is done. But know, you make me proud, and I am proud of you.
I am privileged to get to coach you each day and want you to know that you bring a smile to my face every time we meet. As the hours pass and the calendars change, I thrive in watching you develop into the great athlete you aspire to be. I enjoy witnessing the process and seeing you conquer your worries, master drills and develop a bond with your team that has become family.
 Regardless of the scoreboard at the final whistle, no matter what our record is, and whatever our postseason looks like, I will always be proud to be your coach. In a few years’ time my wish is that these words will come back to you and despite all the disagreements, arguments and tears, you will truly see how proud you made me.
When the time comes for all of us to part ways to the next chapter in our lives, know there are no number of words I can put down to show how much I cherished you as one of my athletes. In time, seasons will be triumphed, records will fade and new athletes will come onto the team, but know you were one of my athletes and that you have made an impact on my life.
————Your Proud Coach

We cannot thank STX enough and our guests from the US Women’s National Field Hockey Team for the Rise of the Elite Contest of a lifetime, meet our guests @

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It’s a great day to be a Blue Devil!!!!!

If you have any questions or would like to sign up for the fall program please visit the contact page, or click here.


Thank you for visiting us!  Here on this site you will find information regarding our youth program as well as high school updates.

About Our Youth Program:

We are a local youth field hockey league that was established in August 2016 and was designated as a 2016 Citi Fundamental Field Hockey Host Site by USA Field Hockey, winning a USA FUNdamental Field Hockey Grant thanks to USA Field Hockey, Citi, and Harrow Sports.

In 2017 we were incredibly lucky to win the contest of a lifetime and scored a free practice session coached by 2016 RIO Field Hockey Olympians Katie Bam, Kelsey Kolojechick, Jill Witmer and Ali Campbell sponsored by STX Field Hockey.

Our mission is to introduce the sport of field hockey to the youth of our area (East Greenbush and surrounding areas) while promoting a fun environment that not only teaches the fundamentals of field hockey, but also promotes sportsmanship and respect for each other (teammates, coaches, officials, spectators, etc) and oneself, and instills confidence in each player and as a team.  We hope that through the program players are encouraged to play for the love of the game, and that it prepares them for their future high school, and even maybe college, field hockey journeys.

Our program is offered to player’s grades 1st-6th.




If you are interested in our program or have any questions or concerns, please contact us below.  Please also let us know if you have any suggestions about information you would like to see (or not see) on our website!

It’s a great day to be a Blue Devil!