Required Field Hockey Equipment:

* Field hockey loaner equipment available upon request (with prior notification).  Please see our favorite links page for field hockey equipment sites.

(1) Mouth guard – can be purchased at Walmart for as low as $0.99, must be molded prior to use.

 ***Children with braces on both their upper and bottom need a double mouth guard that covers bottom and top teeth.

(2) Shin guards – Can also be found at local stores, including Dick’s Shin guards (click to be directed).

*Both hard and soft shin guards are OK, you want to make sure they cover the ankles.

(3) Field Hockey Stick

Guide to choosing field hockey stick length:

*No need to purchase a fancy, expensive stick!

 STX guide to choosing a field hockey stick:  height, weight, style, etc.

(4) Goggles

Goggles are a NYSPHSAA requirement and must meet ASTM Standards, by the fall 2020 season all required goggles must be  ASTM F2713 permanently marked.

Examples can be found @

(5) Let’s not forget the goalie!

(don’t worry, we have this one covered!)



(7) A Good Attitude!