Saratoga & Skidmore Play Day

On Sunday April 23rd Saratoga Field Hockey will be hosting a youth clinic & play day in conjunction with Skidmore Field Hockey in the morning.  This is for any current 3rd – 6th grader of ANY level, it’s a great day for both beginners and returners so bring a friend and introduce them to the greatest sport!  And, in the afternoon there will be a play day for our modified players (7th & 8th graders).  We will open this up to 9th graders depending on 7th and 8th grade responses.  Please let us know ASAP, but no later than March 31st.

There is a $25 fee per player for our youth players, no cost for the afternoon session for our modified players.   Please utilize the below form to RSVP your child, you can indicate what grade they currently in and this will allow us to distinguish which session they will be attending.