Columbia Field Hockey Off-Season Program

This program was designed for our field hockey team and should be performed with a days rest in between.  Monday, Wednesday & Friday – 50 minute program, 15 minute dynamic warm-up.

Dynamic Warm-up:

  1. Elbow to instep (“world’s greatest stretch”)
  2. Lunge with overhead reach
  3. Walk quad stretch and reach
  4. Forward skip with arm circle
  5. Backward skip with arm circle
  6. Hurdles (laterally step over then go under next hurdle) – while indoors, do lateral hurdles w/o going under.
  7. Forward hurdle skip (no hurdles) aDduction
  8. Backward hurdle skip (no hurdle) aBduction
  9. Inch Worms (if hamstrings are tight, space feet apart a bit)
  10. High knees/fast feet/fast feet while turning hips
  11. Hip series in quadruped positionhip circles both directions/both legs, leg extensions/both legs, adduciton/both legs, abduction/both legs, frog stretch forward and back
  12. Dive bombers for shoulder/lat mobility 1×10


1A. BB back box squat 3×8 (weight should be moderate) focus on form for the first couple of sessions

1B.  DB single leg stepup up 3×12

2A.  DB forward lunge 3×8

2B.  Lateral DB squats 3×8

3A.  Hamstring stability curls 3×12

3B.  Banded lateral squat walks 3×6 (walk 6 steps to the right, walk 6 steps to left = 1 set)


1A.  Hex bar dead lift 3×8

1B.  Recline pulls 3×10 (body weight using a tempo of 3/1/3)

2A.  Chest supported DB row 3×8

2B.  Assisted partner pull up‘s 3x failure

3A.  Cable rotational pulls 3×8

3B.  Med balls standing wood choppers 3×10


1A.  Front squat 3×8 (low to moderate weight, correct form and try and prevent Valgus and Varus)

1B.  Single leg RDL 3×8

2A.  Single arm DB chest press (engage core for stabilization) 3×10

2B.  Tri extension 3×10

3A.  Banded hip bridges 3×12

3B.  Single leg stability ball roll back 3×8