Off-season Workouts/Skill Development

Below are some off-season workout ideas as well as some skills you can do at home with tight space to get ready for the new season.  If you haven’t been running or working out, start slow!  Start with long walks some days mixed with moderate 20-30 minute runs on opposite days.  Drink lots of water!!! Ensuring you have at least one day rest each week if starting out maybe go – workout 3 days, day off, work out two days, day off, repeat giving 2 rest days for the week.

****Site will be updated with Winter/Spring 2021-22 off-season workouts and playing.

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Summer 2021

We are so excited to be back!  Our official youth season (grades 1st-6th) will begin mid-August and will run through the month of September, please visit our “2021 Youth Field Hockey Program” page on the tab above.   Summer play is available on the turf for all EGCSD students entering grades 7th-12th every Thursday from 5:30pm-7:00pm through Thursday August 19th. 
We also have strength and conditioning each week, please see our workouts and skill development section below for more information and for a strength and conditioning schedule.
For our high school players looking for workouts and skill development, please visit